jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

Travelling as a way of life

If you ask me what kind of books do I like reading,my answer will be adventure ones. I was a teenager, I used to go to the shopping mall with my older brother. We bought the cinema tickets, ate something and then wait for the movie to start. As we had to wait at least an hour, we used to go to book stores and spend our time there. My brother would always pick adventure books,but there was one which called my attention. There was a 30 year old man on the cover with his thimb up, asking for a ride. So I stood up and went to look for a copy of that book.
As I started reading, I couldn't stop. We bought the book.That night I arrived home and read it until I fell asleep. The following day at school I didn´t pay attention in class because I was reading the book. By the second day I had already finished reading "Vagabundeando en el eje del mal". The trip that Juan Pablo Villarino describes in that book is something new, a trip though the middle east, the land which everyone is afraid of. He writes in such a capturing way that you can't stop reading.
After a few years he travelled around Latin America with his girlfriend. They also wrote a book about that trip.
If you like adventure and travelling book, I highly recommend Villarino's book.

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