miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind

Dean Bragonier comments in this talk the topic of the gifts that dyslexic people might have. These are entrepreneurship, engineer, architecture and arts. But he also mentions that dyslexic people have a tough time with phonetic decoding and that it takes five times more energy for a dyslexic.

After this, he talks about the history of human learning, saying that at the very beginning, humans learned by observing and then imitating kinaesthetically those actions. However, during the industrial revolution, when the printing press was being spreaded all over the world, the door for dyslexic people was closed.

"People who cannot read or who have difficulty learning how to read, feel the same level of shame as people who have engaged in incest" Dr Kaufmann

Dean also explains how difficult it is for children in primary school to be labelled as the "dumb student". And that 35% of dyslexic people drop out of high school. Also, that a 70% of juvenile delinquents have dyslexia. nevertheless, one out of two scientists in NASA is dyslexic.

He recommends using other tools than the archaic text to teach our students and to empower them to discover their real gifts


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  1. Great post, Euge! I think that we, as teachers, always have to teach and empower all of our students to discover their real gifts. Because all of them are different and we need to have that in mind while we are thinking of activities to do in our lessons.

  2. I have a dyslexic student. I´m definetely watching this!

  3. Great work, Eugenia!Very interesting and very important!!Celeste is completely right!