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Macrofunctions, Microfunctions and Grammar

Step 1
Show students a video from the Olympics, stop the video every time a new sport appear and clarify vocabulary. As they watch the video, hey will have a worksheet to match the different sports to the proper names.
Step 2
Watch another short video and ask students to raise their hand every time a sport the know appears.
Step 3
Listen to a news report, students will have o identify the different sports that the reporter talks about and fill in the dialogue (worksheet)
Step 4
Listen again to the news report and ask students to identify words RELATED to sports
Step 5
Role play. Students will have to work in pairs. One of them is going to be the reporter and the other will be a sports woman/men. The reporter will ask three questions related to sports and the related vocabulary already seen, the other will have to answer
Step 6
School Olympics. Students will have to organize a little tournament for their class, the main vocabulary being sports.

A new student has 
arrived to your school. She/he can communicate with you only in English. You are selected to show her/him the school
Exchanging goods and services
Giving instructions
Demonstratives: This, that, these, those
Adverbs of place: Here, there, etc
Yes/no questions

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